lauren (lostrunaway) wrote in oz_surprise,


so i finally got around to introducing myself!

Name: Lauren

Age: 18

Birthday: 18/6

Favorite 4 colors: black, green, blue, white

Some of your hobbies: gigs, taking photos, gigs, watching bands, gigs, bargain hunting, gigs, gigs, did i say gigs?

Do you collect anything?: i used to collect spazzys merch.. band stickers, cds, mixed tapes/cds, cds (in general), zines, jewellery and accessories, random bargains, lots of random things..

What Size do you wear? 10/S sometimes an 8 in tops

Favorite lollies: all of them! cant go wrong

Favorite flavors: not a huge choc, coconut or vanilla fan. but everything else is okay by me..

other things you are into: i go to a lot of local gigs, just music in general, i like going on random adventures, collecting random things, op shopping..

what would be in your "dream package": anything! i adore everything, especially when its in packages in the mail! how cheesey of me.

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