Amy (midnight_visit) wrote in oz_surprise,

new here!

I just stumbled across this community and think it's a fantastic idea!!
I'd love to get sharing straight away :)

Name: Amy

Age: 21

Birthday: 27th July

Favourite 4 colours: Black, purple, red, deep greens

Some of your hobbies: Dancing (latin and belly dancing), singing, reading, making clothes

Do you collect anything: cute and unusual cat ornaments, fake flowers

What size do you wear? M/12 in most things

Favourite lollies: sour worms and gummie bears :)

Favourite flavours: anything savory

Other things I'm into: live music (esp. singer/songwriters), anything victorian, candles, lace

What would be in your 'dream package": I'd be excited to recieve anything that someone would think I'd like based on my profile, but it'd be just as
great to recieve a total suprise - an item that someone else thinks is fantastic and wants to share with me :)

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