Lexy (flowerofwinter) wrote in oz_surprise,


Hello y'all, this is a fantastic idea for a community and I am so excited about joining. I can't wait to start packaging up!

Name: Lexy

Age: 20

Birthday: 15-08-1985

Favorite 4 colors: Orange (by far), red, green, black

Some of your hobbies: Dancing, anything to do with medical related fields (I'm a medical geek).

Do you collect anything?: Little asian things (from China, Cambodia, India, Veitnam anywhere!)

What Size do you wear? 10

Favorite lollies: Anything sugar free (how boring am I!?)

Favorite flavors: I am obsessed with mint! LOVE!! Watermelon is aiight too

Other things you are into: Brazil, Capoeira, Music (Bjork!), Jack Skellington, Skylines (the cars), cute lil asian cartoon thingys especially the hamster ones ooo soo cute, make up, charm braceletes, origami, photographs.

What would be in your "dream package": If it's packed with love it will make me squeal with glee. I do like letters, creative things and mix CDs!!

Email: earthbound_child@hotmail.com
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