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Let me buy you something!



Birthday:19th October

Favorite 4 colors:Green, blue, grey, scarlet

Some of your hobbies:I like dying my hair crazy colours, singing and taking photos. O! and buying interesting glassware.

Do you collect anything?:Fiend Magazines!

What Size do you wear?: Usually 12/14 but it just depends. It'd be better to ask. I like 2nd hand as well.

Favorite lollies: wizz fizz sticks (the green ones) and skittles/ starbursts.

Favorite flavors: Watermelon, musk and tropical. O and cherry. Yum.

other things you are into: Trip hop, op shopping, eccentric jewelery, yr 1940-1949 Fords, especially the 1940's 2 door sedan in forest green.(I know, I know) , alcohol memorabilia, signs, mystery books, cocktails, boots, vintage coats and The L Word. High Fashion Mags and high fashion makeup glossy photos. M.A.S.H

what would be in your "dream package": A care bear, ring, postcards, mp3 cd/ POLAROID CAMERA! and something bright and colourful - stocking for example. Erm.. Weird things. Zebra print. Argh. A bag.


E-mail :

I love the idea of this site. I can't wait to send something to someone!

I just love alot of things... So I'm going to put things down from time to time..

Image hosting by Photobucket
1956 Ford NJ State Police Car - This is soo rad, I can't believe the beauty.

Image hosting by Photobucket
This is me.. awhile ago with purple hair.

Okay.. I will stop now. :D

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