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Pen-palling at a whole new level [entries|friends|calendar]
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[15 Jul 2008|12:48am]

Username: KitterWolf


Name: Kitty

Age: 21

Birthday: 13th july 1987

List some of your favourite snack foods and candies: pocky, chocolate, cheetos, cheese

List any snack foods and candies or flavors you absolutely hate:

List some of your favorite scents: fruits, oriental,

List any things you cannot accept:

List anything you collect or any colors/patterns you love:  pokemon, digimon, cards, cute stuff, plushies, beanie babies, anime

List any type of arts and crafts you do: drawing and writing

List some of your favorite activities and/or hobbies: writing, reading, anime&manga, penpaling , playing rpgs, playing pokemon

List your favorite music genres/bands etc: metal, alternative rock, system of the down, linkin paRK, anime tunes, mindless self indulgence

List the kinds of jewelry you wear: necklaces and bracelets, small randomness rings and earings

List the kinds of make-up you wear: black and or red lipstick and black eyeliner

Looking for: Pel pals and swap pals

Breed, names, and ages of any pets: don’t have one

Any wishlists?

Kitty K.
8550 E. old spanish trail rd
tucson,az 85710
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[17 Nov 2007|11:03am]

Hey everyone :)

Hope your all well and have a beautiful christmas and wonderful new year.... Maybe to keep this community active we should all repost our interests....

Anyone else interested?

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[06 Dec 2006|06:04pm]
Name: Bunny

Age: 18

Birthday: Aug. 23

Favorite 4 colors: anything, doesn't matter

Some of your hobbies:
- crochet,
- music! (I like all kinds of music; I'm somewhat obsessed with A//political right now. Oh and the Boy Least Likely To...even though they're really different bands. I couldn't list all the bands I like here but some others are: Anti-Flag, Bright Eyes, Minor Threat, Set it Straight, Bold, Champion, Betrayed, Good Clean Fun, Belle and Sebastian, Op Ivy, Crass)
- books (currently reading Outlaws of America)
- animal rights + liberation; being vegan
- cooking + baking
- Food Not Bombs

Do you collect anything?: Not really...I love Hello Kitty/anything Sanrio and old photographs/postcards. Stuff found on the ground is cool sometimes; I found two plastic barrettes in a ditch once.

What Size do you wear? Medium-Large teeshirts YouthLG

Favorite lollies: Dum Dums, no tootsie pops or blow pops; I like cherry, butterscotch, green apple, and cotton candy

Favorite flavors: of what? I like Green Apple and Orange sodas...?

other things you are into: DDR, guitar and bass, environmentalism, cool + crazy hair, public access TV shows, and books

what would be in your "dream package": vegan chocolate-covered marzipan, artwork, a mix CD, bunny ears

Email: mona.le.monstre@gmail.com
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newww [15 Oct 2006|02:26pm]

Name: Glenys (like tennis)

Age: the big 1-5..

Birthday: July 28th.

Favorite 4 colors: brown, teal, mandrine and coral.

Some of your hobbies: drawing, tea drinking, writting, jump-roap, sleep..

Do you collect anything?: new kids on the block merch, mary kate and ashley merch.

What Size do you wear? xs-s.

Favorite lollies: anything apple, pomogranate or rasberrie flavored.
no chocolate. (I'M VEGAN!)

Favorite flavors: see above.

other things you are into: anything vegan, indipendant films, hip hop and indipendant music, DIY, psychology, excersize, candles and insence.

what would be in your "dream package": exotic teas, cute journals, vegan candies, homemade beauty prodcuts (lipgloss, soap, etc.), candles.

Email: queencitrus@hotmail.com
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**newbie** [23 Jun 2006|02:00pm]

[ mood | creative ]

please send me some <3 my birthday is coming up

Name: Amanda B.

Age: 28

Birthday: July 8

Favorite 4 colors: turquoise,brown,red,pink

Some of your hobbies: paper arts, scrap booking, making atcs, making collages, creativity, decorating, family time

Do you collect anything?: atcs, journals, anything handmade, bath stuff I heart, vintage and new tins, primitive stuff, eiffel towers, scrap booking goodies, especially embellishments

What Size do you wear? in t-shirts 20-22, rings 9-10

Favorite lollies: gummy anything, red hots, jelly beans, tropical skittles (I will love you forever if you send me a big bag of these! I want some goodies for my desk at work), gum, fizzie candy, anything

Favorite flavors: strawberry, watermelon, red hots, tropical

other things you are into: gel pens, paper (and lots of it!), sparrows, poetry, music, horror movies, candles, bath goodies, handmade stuff, fun stuff, crazy pens, brooches, purses, jewelry

what would be in your "dream package": a huge bag of skittles, atcs, handmade artwork and a handmade purse (love new digs!), fun stuff, anything really!

Email:abatchelor@newtonmedical.com and whisperclouds26@wmconnect.com (Weekend email)

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[24 May 2006|05:26pm]

ra!Collapse )
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newbie! [28 Mar 2006|11:27pm]

so i finally got around to introducing myself!

More..Collapse )
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new here! [28 Mar 2006|09:21pm]

I just stumbled across this community and think it's a fantastic idea!!
I'd love to get sharing straight away :)

info on this newbieCollapse )
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[24 Mar 2006|10:09pm]

Just joined this awesome looking community (thank you thirteenthgrace)and want to fill out the details:
Name: Christine (Chrissy preferabley)



Favorite 4 colors: Purple, Blue, Red and Green (in that order)

Some of your hobbies: Karate, poetry, reading, gym, friends, walks

Do you collect anything?: I used to collect Russ Bears but don't any more. I'm collecting nature-y things now though.

What Size do you wear? In clothes? Um pants/skirts usually size 10-12, tops usually medium size, shoes size 8

Favorite lollies: Yummy stuffs! Um gummy things, those bannas and strawberr lollies are great too.

Favorite flavors: Chocolate, strawberry, anything fruit-y

other things you are into: Love 80's music, Harry Potter, The Lion King, Nature-y things (insence and candles ect.)

what would be in your "dream package": Something thoughtful would be lovely.

Email: slytheravengryffinpuff@hotmail.com
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Pimp this baby away!! [14 Mar 2006|06:39pm]

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
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[11 Mar 2006|07:34pm]

Swaps with ghoose and kasimrah will be send off first thing monday. Sorry about the delay ladies - it's been death, distruction and all sorts around here lately (liturally) - but I'm doing my best to make it worth the wait.
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Newbie [11 Mar 2006|04:15pm]

Hello y'all, this is a fantastic idea for a community and I am so excited about joining. I can't wait to start packaging up!

Read more...Collapse )
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[10 Mar 2006|11:22pm]

I was wondering if anyone was up for a swap...???
Seeing as I'm completely new to this whole thing, I'm not sure how to go about it.
If I'm doing it wrong, feel free to let me know.

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Let me buy you something! [11 Mar 2006|12:22am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I'm new!Collapse )

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[05 Mar 2006|06:24pm]

I recieved melamoo's package in the mail on friday :) i can't tell you how much of a pleasure it was to open it... photos will be coming soon but here is a rundown of what i received

*naughty pin up girl ashtray-which is holding my hair clips

*pin up girl post cards

* Copies of melamoo's Zine LEzzarine(there fab do check them out guys)

* a cherrybomb patch

*black whistle

*a lovely piece of jewellary

*Rainbowcoloured hanging thing with STAR.. to make my room look pretty

* a gorgeous pink letter from mel

And lots more

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Package sent today! [01 Mar 2006|03:02pm]

pixsi your package was sent today!!

Thank you so much for my wonderful package [I'll post a pic soon!]
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[23 Feb 2006|08:48am]

[ mood | creative ]

Name: Ro.

Age: 21

Birthday: 2.22

there is someone, walking behind you...Collapse )

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Revised package swap info [02 Feb 2006|09:27pm]

1. xslitfaithx and new_moon_rising

1. foreverinlove and natalielight

2. nihilistvlad and rhovanion

3. pixsi and melamoo

4. thirteenthgrace and kasimrah

swap mailing addresses and off you go!!
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survey:) [31 Jan 2006|11:56am]

[ mood | calm ]

a newbieCollapse )

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Links to Surveys [31 Jan 2006|07:31pm]

Okay Melamoo i hope this is how you want it :)


foreverinlove (please post a survey so i can link it :)






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